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Since approximately 2005, Liberty Commons Condominium Trust, commonly known as “Liberty Commons,” has been hijacked by a minority group of unelected and self-appointed individuals who have continuously violated their fiduciary obligations to each and every Unit Owner of Liberty Commons Condominium Trust.

LibertyCommons.Info is a self-funded resource and its goal is to provide a collaborative and collective voice for Unit Owners and residents of Liberty Commons, a 132 unit condominium development located along the north side of Old Mill Road between Jungle Road and Willard Street in Leominster, Massachusetts. LibertyCommons.Info was created to efficiently communicate amongst each other to enhance the community on matter of common interest, make a positive impact, allow individuals to get involved, share ideas, be informed, and to foster a cohesive, diverse, and inclusive “community.” All of these objectives can be achieved through the majority of Unit Owners collectively working together with the common goal to influence intelligent business decisions, ensure sound fiduciary responsibility is used in every decision and comprehensive due diligence is conducted, by always conducting ourselves with full transparency, and being fair and treating for all Unit Owners equally.


Archive for April, 2017

No Propane Tanks In Dumpsters

Propane (or LP) tanks of any size are prohibited to be disposed of in any of Liberty Commons’ dumpster or anywhere on Liberty Commons’ property (i.e., over bankings and/or in the woods), as it is a violation of federal and state laws. Improper disposal could cause severe personal injury or death, an explosion, and Read More...

Robert G. Leone Passed

It is with deep regrets that we inform you that Robert G. Leone, a former Unit Owner and past Trustee, passed away on Saturday, April 22, 2017 at 4:35 AM EST. Bob and Betty Leone resided at Liberty Commons from June 17, 2002 until September 28, 2012. During their time Read More...

Change can be beautiful when we are brave enough to evolve with it, and change can be brutal when we fearfully resist.
— Bryant McGill

527 CMR 1.00 Fire Code

At the Wednesday, April 26, 2017 Board of Trustees’ Meeting, we will be listening to input from Unit Owners and Non-Owner Residents and may discuss decisions regarding all grills1 at Liberty Commons Condominium Trust and compliance with 527 CMR 1.00 – Massachusetts Comprehensive Fire Code 10.11.6 Appliances – Cooking. and the National Read More...