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Since approximately 2005, Liberty Commons Condominium Trust, commonly known as “Liberty Commons,” has been hijacked by a minority group of unelected and self-appointed individuals who have continuously violated their fiduciary obligations to each and every Unit Owner of Liberty Commons Condominium Trust.

LibertyCommons.Info is a self-funded resource and its goal is to provide a collaborative and collective voice for Unit Owners and residents of Liberty Commons, a 132 unit condominium development located along the north side of Old Mill Road between Jungle Road and Willard Street in Leominster, Massachusetts. LibertyCommons.Info was created to efficiently communicate amongst each other to enhance the community on matter of common interest, make a positive impact, allow individuals to get involved, share ideas, be informed, and to foster a cohesive, diverse, and inclusive “community.” All of these objectives can be achieved through the majority of Unit Owners collectively working together with the common goal to influence intelligent business decisions, ensure sound fiduciary responsibility is used in every decision and comprehensive due diligence is conducted, by always conducting ourselves with full transparency, and being fair and treating for all Unit Owners equally.


Building 2

Building 2, as designated by the developer and identified on the site and construction plans and in the Master Deed and Unit Deeds, contains: four Unit Type 4 two bedroom, one and a half bath, multi-level townhouses; two Unit Type 1 one bedroom, one bath, single level inside garden-style Units; and two Unit Type 2 one bedroom, one bath, single level end garden-style Units. Building 2 is made up of two Pods (a cluster of four Units (two townhouses and two garden-style Units)), a total of eight Units.

Building 2 has a private street address of 18-32 Gates Crossing (even) that parallels Old Mill Road, between Jungle Road and Bicentennial Avenue in Leominster, Massachusetts.

Construction of Building 2 was completed on June 30, 1995.

In 2002, the developer added additions to the Unit Type 1 Units, adding a bedroom extension and converting the original bedroom into a study. Unit Type 1 Units are one bedroom Units per the Unit Deed and Master Deed for Liberty Commons Condominium Trust. Inside Unit Type 4 Units gained a larger deck and a privacy screen, and replaced a sliding glass door or french doors with two double-hung windows and a single french door.

Unit 18 is the only Unit in Building 2 that is handicapped accessible.

Each Unit is granted only two non-exclusive parking spaces per the Unit Deed, the Master Deed, the Declaration of Trust and Bylaws, and the Rules and Regulations.



Second Floor


First Floor

Unit Address Unit
Bed Bath Sq Ft Location Handicapped
20 Gates Xing 4 0.8239 2 1.5 1,191 1 End No
22 Gates Xing 4 0.8239 2 1.5 1,192 1 Inside No
28 Gates Xing 4 0.8239 2 1.5 1,191 1 Inside No
30 Gates Xing 4 0.8239 2 1.5 1,191 1 End No


Garden-Style Units


Ground Level

Unit Address Unit
Bed Bath Sq Ft Location Handicapped
18 Gates Xing 2 0.6850 1 1 775 1 End Yes
24 Gates Xing 1 0.6850 1 1 845 1 Inside No
26 Gates Xing 1 0.6850 1 1 843 1 Inside No
32 Gates Xing 2 0.6850 1 1 774 1 End No

1 There are some slight design differences in the Gates Crossing Buildings and Units, that equates to differences in the square footage of these Units. These were the first two Buildings constructed and obviously the developer decided to made some design changes on the remaining nine Buildings at Liberty Commons located on Berrington Road.

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