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Since approximately 2005, Liberty Commons Condominium Trust, commonly known as “Liberty Commons,” has been hijacked by a minority group of unelected and self-appointed individuals who have continuously violated their fiduciary obligations to each and every Unit Owner of Liberty Commons Condominium Trust.

LibertyCommons.Info is a self-funded resource and its goal is to provide a collaborative and collective voice for Unit Owners and residents of Liberty Commons, a 132 unit condominium development located along the north side of Old Mill Road between Jungle Road and Willard Street in Leominster, Massachusetts. LibertyCommons.Info was created to efficiently communicate amongst each other to enhance the community on matter of common interest, make a positive impact, allow individuals to get involved, share ideas, be informed, and to foster a cohesive, diverse, and inclusive “community.” All of these objectives can be achieved through the majority of Unit Owners collectively working together with the common goal to influence intelligent business decisions, ensure sound fiduciary responsibility is used in every decision and comprehensive due diligence is conducted, by always conducting ourselves with full transparency, and being fair and treating for all Unit Owners equally.


Declaration of Trust and By-Laws — Liberty Commons

This Declaration of Trust made this the 3rd day of May, 2001 at Leominster, Worcester County, Massachusetts by Eric W. Sullender and Peter E. Bovenzi, of Lunenburg, Massachusetts and Elizabeth F. Sullivan, of Leominster, Massachusetts (hereinafter called the “Trustees”), which term and any pronoun referring thereto shall be deemed to include their successors in trust hereunder and to mean the Trustee or the Trustees for the time being hereunder, wherever the context so permits. The said Trustees have been appointed by the Declarant in the Master Deed of Liberty Commons Condominium of even date and recorded in the Worcester Northern District Registry of Deeds in Book 3785, Page 140.

The trust hereby created shall be known as the Liberty Commons Condominium Trust, and under that name, so far as legal, convenient and practicable, shall all business carried on by the Trustees be conducted and shall all instruments in writing by the Trustees be executed.

All of the rights and powers in and with respect to Common Elements of the Liberty Commons Condominium, established by a Master Deed of even date and recorded herewith which are by virtue of provisions of Chapter 183A of the Massachusetts General Laws conferred upon or exercisable by the organization of Unit Owners of said Condominium, and all property, real and personal, tangible and intangible, conveyed to the Trustees hereunder shall vest in the Trustees as joint tenants with right of survivorship as Trustees of this Trust, in trust to exercise, manage, administer and dispose of the same and to receive the income thereof for the benefit of the owners of record from time to time of the Units of said Condominium (herein called the “Unit Owners”), according to the schedule of beneficial interest set forth in said Master Deed and in accordance with provisions of said Chapter 183A, this Trust being the organization of the Unit Owners established pursuant to provisions of said Chapter 183A for the purposes therein set forth.

The undersigned, being the first Board of Trustees appointed by the Declarant under the Master Deed creating Liberty Commons Condominium, hereby declare and adopt the following By-Laws of the Liberty Commons Condominium Association, established for the benefit of the Unit Owners of Liberty Commons Condominium as owners of beneficial interest in said Trust.

Source: Consolidation of the Liberty Commons Condominium Declaration of Trust and By-Laws as recorded in the Worcester Northern District Registry of Deed in Book 3785, Page 151 and the First Amendment to Liberty Commons Condominium Declaration of Trust and By-Laws as recorded in the Worcester Northern District Registry of Deed in Book 4129, Page 72.
Information Last Refreshed On: 7/13/2012