Rules and Regulations: Article 1 — General

1.1. No industry, business, trade, or commercial or professional activities shall be conducted, maintained or permitted on any part of the premises of the Condominium, nor shall any “For Sale”, “For Rent” or “For Lease” signs or other window displays or advertising be maintained or permitted nor shall any Unit be used or rented for transient, hotel or motel purposes. The right is reserved by the Trustees, or its agent, to place “For Sale”, “For Rent” or “For Lease” sign on any unsold or unoccupied units, and the right is hereby given to any mortgagee, who may become the owner of any unit, to place such signs on any unit owned by such mortgagee, but in no event will any sign be larger than one (1′) foot by two (2′) feet.

1.2. The Board of Trustees, or their designed agent, and/or any other person authorized by the Board of Trustees may exercise their right to enter each Unit for the purpose of assessing, investigating and/or correcting any conditions originating in the Unit or elsewhere in the Building in which the Unit is located, provided that any such entry is at a time reasonably convenient to the Unit Owner. In case of emergency, such right of entry shall be immediate, whether the Unit Owner is present at the time or not. In the event of any exercise of the right of access provided in this section, any costs for repairs shall be borne in accordance with the provisions of Section 8 of Article VI of the Declaration of Trust and Bylaws. Should a Unit Owner refuse to grant access to a Unit, the Unit Owner shall be assessed daily fines until such access is granted and shall be liable for all costs incurred by Liberty Commons Condominium Trust, including, but not limited to attorney’s fees, witness fees, sheriff fees, and court filing costs.

1.3. Nothing shall be done in any Unit or in, on or to the Common Elements which will impair the structural integrity of any building or which would structurally change any of the buildings.

1.4. Unit Owners or occupants shall not paint, stain, or otherwise change the color of any exterior portion of any building.

1.5. Unit Owners or occupants shall not cause or permit anything to be hung or displayed on the outside of windows or placed on the outside walls or doors of the buildings and no signs, awning, canopy, shutter, radio, or television antenna, or satellite dish shall be affixed to, or placed upon, the exterior walls or doors, roof, chimney or any part of the Common Elements thereof, or exposed on or at any window, without the prior written consent of the Board of Trustees.

1.6. No Unit Owner or occupant or any of his agents, servants, employees, licensees or visitors shall, at any time, bring into or keep in his Unit any flammable, combustible or explosive fluid, material, chemical or substance except as are customary for residential use.

1.7. Satellite dish installations requires the prior written consent of the Board of Trustees prior to any installation scheduling, installation, and must be installed in accordance with Liberty Commons Condominium Trust’s requirements and specifications. Any Unit Owner installing a satellite dish without prior written permission of the Board of Trustees shall be subject to immediate daily fines and assumes any and all liability for their actions (e.g., property damages, personal injury, etc.) including, but not limited to restoration costs, all costs incurred by Liberty Commons Condominium Trust, including, but not limited to attorney’s fees, witness fees, sheriff fees, and court filing costs. The Unit Owner shall reimburse Liberty Commons Condominium Trust for all removal and restoration costs, deemed necessary at the sole discretion of the Board of Trustees, prior to issuance of a Certificate 6D. The removal of the satellite dish, brackets, wiring, etc. and restoration of Common Elements shall be made by a contractor authorized by the Board of Trustees or their designee.

1.8 Any Unit that is not occupied for a period of 72-hours or more between October 15 and April 15 shall require a local “Unit Caretaker” who is registered with Liberty Commons Condominium Trust and one of the monitoring devices installed: a low temperature/freeze warning light in a visible front window of the Unit, a security system with a low temperature sensor that alerts a local Unit Caretaker, or a telephone-based notification system to a local Unit Caretaker, or the Unit must be winterized by a licensed professional and proof of such must be provided to Liberty Commons Condominium Trust. The aforementioned systems must have a battery and communications backup systems adequate to power the device(s) in the event of power and/or communications system outages for a minimum of 72-hours.

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The Board of Trustees shall have the power to levy fines against Unit Owners for violations of the Declaration of Trust and Bylaws, Master Deed or reasonable Rules and Regulations established by it to govern the conduct of the Unit Owners in the Common Elements. No fine may be levied for more than $20.00 for any one violation but for each day a violation continues  it shall be considered a separate violation. Collection of fines may be enforced against Unit Owner or Unit Owners involved as if the fines were common charges owed by the particular Unit Owner or Unit Owners. In the case of persistent violation of the Rules and Regulations by a Unit Owner, the Board of Trustees shall have the power to require such Unit Owner to post a bond to secure adherence to the Rules and Regulations.