About Liberty Commons . Info

Since approximately 2005, Liberty Commons Condominium Trust, commonly known as “Liberty Commons,” has been hijacked by a minority group of unelected and self-appointed individuals who have continuously violated their fiduciary obligations to each and every Unit Owner of Liberty Commons Condominium Trust.

LibertyCommons.Info is a self-funded resource and its goal is to provide a collaborative and collective voice for Unit Owners and residents of Liberty Commons, a 132 unit condominium development located along the north side of Old Mill Road between Jungle Road and Willard Street in Leominster, Massachusetts. LibertyCommons.Info was created to efficiently communicate amongst each other to enhance the community on matter of common interest, make a positive impact, allow individuals to get involved, share ideas, be informed, and to foster a cohesive, diverse, and inclusive “community.” All of these objectives can be achieved through the majority of Unit Owners collectively working together with the common goal to influence intelligent business decisions, ensure sound fiduciary responsibility is used in every decision and comprehensive due diligence is conducted, by always conducting ourselves with full transparency, and being fair and treating for all Unit Owners equally.


Rules and Regulations: Article 3 — Actions of Owners

3.1. No noxious or offensive activities shall be carried on in any Unit or in the Common Elements, nor shall anything be done therein either willingly or negligently, which may be or become any annoyance or nuisance to the other Unit Owners or occupants. No Unit Owner or occupant shall make or permit any disturbing noises in buildings by himself, his family, servants, employees, agents, visitors and licensee, nor do or permit anything by such persons that will interfere with the rights, comforts, or convenience of other Unit Owners or occupants. No Unit Owner or occupant shall play upon, or suffer to be played upon, any musical instrument or operate or suffer to be operated a phonograph, television set, radio, or other electronic devise on the premises causing disturbance to other Unit Owners or occupants.

3.2. Unit Owners and occupants shall comply with and conform to all applicable laws and regulations of the United States and of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and all ordinances, rules, and regulations of the City of Leominster and shall save the Association or other Unit Owners harmless from all fines, penalties, costs and prosecution from the violation thereof or non-compliance therewith.

3.3. No animals, except a cat shall be permitted. All pets must be kept with the Units and no more than one cat per Unit shall be permitted. No commercial breeding of any type of domestic or household pets shall be permitted. Any pet causing or creating a nuisance or unreasonable disturbance or noise shall be permanently removed from the Condominium upon three (3) days’ notice from the Board of Trustees or its designee.

3.3.1. Pets must be confined to the pet owner’s Unit and must not be allowed to roam free or be tethered in any Common Area or Limited Common Area. Pets in transit are to be placed in an animal carrier.

3.3.2. No domesticated or wild animal shall be fed, provided water, nor sheltered anywhere in the Common Areas or Limited Commons Areas. No one is to provide any type of enticement for stray or wild animals.

3.4. Unit Owners shall be held responsible for the actions of their families, tenants and guests.  No one may use bicycles, tricycles or similar devices on the sidewalks and Common Areas.  No individual shall utilize the Common Areas, or any portion thereof, in any manner which may interfere with the use of the Common Areas by other Unit Owners or occupants, or in violation of the Condominium documents.

3.5. Air conditioners are to be installed into the existing air conditioner sleeves located on the back of each Unit. The built-in air conditioner sleeve(s) and its rear vents may not be removed nor altered in any manner. If supplemental air conditioning is required by a Unit Owner, supplemental air conditioning units must meet the following specifications: the air conditioning unit must be installed on the interior of the window with the window screen in place and intact. Should a Unit Owner or occupant alter or remove the built-in air conditioner sleeve and its rear vents or installs an air conditioning unit that does not meet the aforementioned specifications the Unit Owner shall be subject to immediate fine and assumes any and all liability for their actions (e.g., property damages, personal injury, etc.) including, but not limited to restoration costs, all costs incurred by Liberty Commons Condominium Trust, attorney’s fees, witness fees, sheriff fees, and court filing costs. Any and all required repairs and/or restorations, as deemed necessary at the sole discretion of the Board of Trustees, shall be made by a contractor authorized by the Board of Trustees.

3.6. Fire pits and fires are strictly prohibited. Any Unit Owner, occupant, resident, or visitor violating this rule/regulation is subject to an immediate fine by the Board of Trustees, Managing Agent, and/or the Leominster Fire Department.

3.7. Placement, storage, and/or use of grills are strictly prohibited on or under decks, or under deck stairs, whether the fuel source is connected or not. Combustible fuel sources (propane) grills are strictly prohibited on or under decks, under deck stairs or landings, or within the Unit or its mechanical room. Electric grills that adhere to the fire and electrical code regulations may be used on decks with the prior consent of the Board of Trustees, provided that the electrical outlet is certified as Ground Fault Interrupted (GFI) circuit by a licensed electrician. Grills and/or fuel sources may not obstruct nor impair the entry or egress from any Unit or its mechanical room, nor cause any obstruction of Common Elements or Limited Common Elements. Grills must be used and operated a safe distance away from any combustible materials as not to cause or increase the risk of fire, damages, or loss. Only electric or propane grills are authorized to be placed, stored, or used in the Common Areas or Limited Common Areas, and all other types of grills are prohibited. Any Unit Owner, occupant, resident, or visitor violating this rule/regulation is subject to immediate fine by the Board of Trustees, Managing Agent, and/or the Leominster Fire Department.

3.8. No Unit Owner or occupant shall store propane tank(s) that exceed 20 lbs. (pounds) or 4.7 gallons in size and volume. No more than one propane tank per Unit shall be permitted in the Common Elements, Common Areas, or Limited Common Areas. Any Unit Owner, occupant, resident, or visitor violating this rule/regulation is subject to immediate fine and/or disposal without warning or notice at the Unit Owner’s, occupant’s, resident’s, and/or visitor’s sole risk and liability.

3.9. Window screens must be maintained in a state of good condition or repair and must be intact at all times, except for a reasonable time for repair or replacement, and must comply with the architectural standards of Liberty Commons Condominium Trust, as established by the Board of Trustees.

3.10. Interior window coverings shall be white in color as viewed from the exterior of the Unit inward, and must be standard window coverings, such as: blinds, curtains, shades, or shutters.

Rules: Article 2 Rules: Article 4

The Board of Trustees shall have the power to levy fines against Unit Owners for violations of the Declaration of Trust and Bylaws, Master Deed or reasonable Rules and Regulations established by it to govern the conduct of the Unit Owners in the Common Elements. No fine may be levied for more than $20.00 for any one violation but for each day a violation continues  it shall be considered a separate violation. Collection of fines may be enforced against Unit Owner or Unit Owners involved as if the fines were common charges owed by the particular Unit Owner or Unit Owners. In the case of persistent violation of the Rules and Regulations by a Unit Owner, the Board of Trustees shall have the power to require such Unit Owner to post a bond to secure adherence to the Rules and Regulations.