Rules and Regulations: Article 4 — Insurance

4.1. Nothing shall be done or kept in any part of the Condominium or any Unit which will increase the rate of insurance of any other Unit or contents thereof without the prior written consent of the Trustees. No Unit Owner shall permit anything to be done, or kept in his Unit, or in the Common Elements, which will result in the cancellation of insurance on any of the buildings, or contents thereof, or which would be in violation of any law. No waste shall be committed in the Common Elements.

4.2. Unit Owners shall comply with the Rules and Regulations of the New England Fire Rate Association and with the Rules and Regulations contained in any fire insurance policy upon said building or the property contained therein.

4.3. Damages by fire or accident affecting the Common Elements or the liability of the Unit Owners will be promptly reported to the Board of Trustees immediately following the occurrence thereof.

4.4 All radio, television, or other electrical equipment of any kind or nature installed or used in each Unit shall fully comply with all rules, regulations, requirements or recommendations of the Board of Fire Underwriters and the public authorities having jurisdictions, and the Unit Owner alone shall be liable for any damages or injury caused by any radio, television or other electrical equipment in such Unit.

4.5. Unit Owners shall comply with the Liberty Commons Condominium Trust Insurance Resolution as recorded in the Worcester County North Registry of Deeds in Book 7748, Page 283, and any subsequent amendments thereto.

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The Board of Trustees shall have the power to levy fines against Unit Owners for violations of the Declaration of Trust and Bylaws, Master Deed or reasonable Rules and Regulations established by it to govern the conduct of the Unit Owners in the Common Elements. No fine may be levied for more than $20.00 for any one violation but for each day a violation continues it shall be considered a separate violation. Collection of fines may be enforced against Unit Owner or Unit Owners involved as if the fines were common charges owed by the particular Unit Owner or Unit Owners. In the case of persistent violation of the Rules and Regulations by a Unit Owner, the Board of Trustees shall have the power to require such Unit Owner to post a bond to secure adherence to the Rules and Regulations.